We are an engineering company and we are made use to devellop solutions for the most variate situations, where it is necessary our work and technical profile.

We are used to devellop most variate devices, as well as projects in partnership with other companies, releasing our knowledge in mechanical, electric, electronic and automation.

We offer total equipments integration for fluids, refrigeration, vacuum and other processes.


Electric Panels
We offer projects and assembling of control electric panels for the most variate functions and applications. Eplan and AutoCad projects .Conventional and advanced standard of panel assembling PLC’s Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Unitronics, Atos, Phoenix, other.



Special tools and devices 
We offer special projects and engineering, as well as assembling of special tools, process handlers, and devices.


Fluid Filling Heads 
We offer special devellopment, project and construction for different fluid filling heads for special processes.


Constructive Details 
We show some special construction care details tipically applied at our equipments and constructions...



We offer equipments for tests of leak in the brake system through the drive of the pedal, manufactured in Germany and already used in many assembly plants in the whole world, being an excellent alternative for control of the filling process of the brake fluid, as well as components of this. Beyond the supply, we are apt to carry through startup, necessary training and assistance technique for its use.



We offer all the line of equipment and accessories for fuel supplying in European standard of the mark Elaflex ZVA, with exclusive system of double saw for aspiration of gases during the filling processes on manufacter environment.